Nullcraft Portal Development Kit

The Nullcraft Portal Development Kit is a collection of applications thrown together that, together, form the basis for making a web portal site. The major components are:

  • Curry, the web application framework. (about to release the first beta v0.3)
  • Tofu(formerly PDK), the web-based windowing gui framework. (on hold until Portlet spec is finished)
  • A whole slew of various applications (mail, news, syndication, cms, and more..)

Soon, these will all come together in conjunction with other solid open source applications to make a community in a box application. Certain other communities will be integrated (,, etc) to some extent or another sooner or later. Through various syndication mechanisms, communities can be linked up, and identities can be established that span across several communities. Some of this is still ether, but I expect much of it to come sooner than later.

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